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We are here to launch you on the Blockchain. Lumetic is a Dubai based agency with highly experienced Developers.


The Lumetic team is here to solve challenges


We help you creating dapps from design process until the finished product is developed, tested and deployed on the blockchain.


Transform collectibles, such as artwork into unique digital assets for trading and exchanging. Consulting in possible chances for your business in this emerging market.

Smart Contracts

We develop and deploy self-executing contracts for your needs on the blockchain networks, with high security and stability.


We help you to tokenize any asset you want, bringing greater liquidity, higher accessibility, more transparency, no intermediaries and cheaper & faster transactions.


We build mobile wallet applications that supports the exchange of various digital assets and currencies.


With expertise in NFTs, crypto and blockchain development, we also offer consulting and developing for projects in the metaverse (Social Media, NFT Marketplaces)


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Custom public and private blockchains let you deliver services outside your organization, giving you control over user account permissions while you manage payments, transfer data, and reduce counterparty risks.

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We love to bring solutions to your favorite platform and network to take your project to the next level.


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From startups and SMBs to large enterprises and government institutions — Lumetic is the blockchain development company ready for you.